Policy and practice

Anneyce Knight, Vincent La Placa, Allan McNaught

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Publication date: August 14, 2014

Pages: 152 pages

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Wellbeing: Policy and Practice details the contemporary research evidence base for health and wellbeing within the global context.

The concept of wellbeing is currently being explored globally, with policy makers debating how to use and measure wellbeing beyond the traditional means that focus upon material and economic indicators. This book looks at the contemporary research evidence base and discusses how this improved knowledge can be applied to both healthcare policy and practice. It explores and analyses the many different but inter-facing arguments around wellbeing and its relevance in the modern world.

Written by a multi-professional group of health and wellbeing academics who have extensive national and international experience across the statutory and non-statutory sectors, the book is essential reading for healthcare professionals and policy makers looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date summary of the latest research and practice in the field of wellbeing.

1. Introduction
Anneyce Knight, Vincent La Placa and Allan McNaught

Part One – Wellbeing: Policy and Practice
2. Wellbeing in Economics, Psychology and Health Sciences: A Contested Category
Carlos Moreno-Leguizamon
3. Wellbeing: A New Policy Phenomenon?
Vincent La Placa and Anneyce Knight
4. The Role of Health and Wellbeing Boards
Surindar Dhesi

Part Two – Wellbeing: Contextualised
5. The Living Environment and Wellbeing: Wicked Problems, Wicked Solutions?
Jill Stewart and Jim Gritton
6. The Wellbeing of Gypsies and Travellers
David Smith and Margaret Greenfields
7. Wellbeing and Older People
Anneyce Knight, Vincent La Placa and Patricia Schofield
8. Blue Space and Wellbeing
Anneyce Knight, Jill Stewart, Maureen Rhoden, Nevin Mehmet and Lynn Baxter
9. Green Space and Wellbeing
Nevin Mehmet and Christine Stacey
10. A Global Glimpse: Wellbeing and Islam
Allan McNaught
11. Conclusion
Vincent La Placa, Anneyce Knight and Allan McNaught

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