Promoting Health and Wellbeing

For nursing and healthcare students

Clare L. Bennett, Sue Lillyman

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: September 14, 2020

Pages: 214 pages

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Promoting Health and Wellbeing is an introductory textbook for nursing and healthcare students seeking to understand how to promote health and prevent ill health.

Through clear explanations, case studies and activities, the book will help you to understand the principles of health promotion and how to apply them in your practice. You will learn:

  • Theoretical perspectives of health promotion, health education and public health
  • How to identify and apply models to support behaviour change and overcome barriers to change
  • How health inequalities and social determinants of health affect public health practice
  • How to enable, mediate and advocate in promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • How to understand and implement evidence-based health promotion in practice

This book will help you to develop the underpinning knowledge and skills you require to carry out your role in promoting health and wellbeing.

Essentials is a series of accessible, introductory textbooks for students in nursing, health and social care. The books feature clear explanations, scenarios, activities and case studies to help students get to grips with the subject quickly and easily.New and forthcoming titles in the series:

  • The Care Process
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Mental Health
  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing
  • Study Skills

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About the authors; Abbreviations; Introduction

1. Theoretical perspectives: health promotion, health education and public health
Lucy Hope and Lisa Stephens
     1.1 Introduction
     1.2 Defining physical and psychological health and wellbeing
     1.3 Lay concepts of health
     1.4 Defining health promotion
     1.5 Public health
     1.6 The World Health Organization and health promotion

2. Behaviour change: theories, models and approaches
Stephen Scott
     2.1 Introduction
     2.2 Determinants of health
     2.3 Processes that support behaviour change
     2.4 Overcoming barriers to change
     2.5 Building motivation to change
     2.6 Setting a plan for change
3. Inequalities in health
Beverley Johnson
     3.1 Introduction
     3.2 The history of health inequalities
     3.3 Statistical evidence
     3.4 Explaining inequalities in health
     3.5 Dis-/empowerment
     3.6 Gender differences in health
     3.7 Gender fluidity
     3.8 Ethnicity and health
     3.9 Social change

4. Global health and wellbeing
Michelle Moseley
     4.1 Introduction
     4.2 Definitions and rationale
     4.3 Epidemiology
     4.4 Genomics
     4.5 Wider determinants of health

5. Enabling, mediating and advocating in health promotion
Clare Bennett, Sue Lillyman and Katharine Whittingham
     5.1 Introduction
     5.2 Defining enabling, mediating and advocating
     5.3 A life-course approach to health promotion
     5.4 Equality and diversity
     5.5 Bringing the themes together: bioecological systems theory

6. Building a healthy public policy
Anneyce Knight
     6.1 Introduction
     6.2 Definitions and rationale
     6.3 Health in all policies
     6.4 Assessing health needs
     6.5 Health impact assessments
     6.6 Developing health literacy within populations

7. Advocating mental health promotion
Gemma Stacey-Emile
     7.1 Introduction
     7.2 Frameworks of perceptions of self and others
     7.3 Overview of mental health and definitions
     7.4 Issues and barriers which impact mental health and wellbeing
     7.5 Individualised mental health promotion
     7.6 Policies and strategies that support mental health and wellbeing

8. Strengthening community action
Sarah Fry
     8.1 Introduction
     8.2 What is a community?
     8.3 Why is it important to understand community when discussing health?
     8.4 Community action to improve the social environment
     8.5 Barriers to community action
     8.6 How to strengthen community action

9. Professional responsibilities of the nurse as a health promoter
Nita Muir
     9.1 Introduction
     9.2 NMC educational standards
     9.3 Ethical issues in health promotion
     9.4 Nurses as health promoters and role models
     9.5 The political dimension of health promotion

10. Leadership for health promotion
Alison James
     10.1 Introduction
     10.2 Defining leadership
     10.3 Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
     10.4 Emotional intelligence and health promotion
     10.5 Leadership skills in practice
     10.6 Leadership or management?
     10.7 Leading for change
     10.8 Planning, implementing and evaluating
     10.9 Health-promoting leadership

11. Evidence-based health promotion
Judith Carrier
     11.1 Introduction
     11.2 Defining evidence-based healthcare
     11.3 What is evidence?
     11.4 Systematic reviews/evidence synthesis
     11.5 Applying evidence to practice - what works?
     11.6 Evidence-based health promotion in action


A great book for the student nurse library.
‘This book is a fantastic resource for any student nurse. I really wish I had had this book sooner as it really would have helped with many of my assignments. I like the way the book has web links too that are easy to access and save lots of time. I would highly recommend this book whatever field of nursing you are studying.’
Amazon reviewer

Wish I had discovered it sooner.
‘As an adult nursing student, I've really enjoyed reading this book and found the information really relevant to my studies. Throughout the book there are also lots of directed activities you can do to increase your knowledge which I really like. I also like the fact that the book focuses on the issue of mental health as well as physical health as I think mental health is quite often left out when thinking of promoting health.
Overall, I have found this book very useful and I just wish I had discovered it sooner as I think it would have been extremely helpful for my public health module!’
Amazon reviewer

Fab resource for student nurses!
‘10/10 I would recommend this book to fellow nursing students! This book has offered so much as a resource and reference for both essays and presentations. I absolutely love that it has activities within the chapters to apply knowledge to – makes reading that bit more enjoyable! Just wish I had discovered this book earlier in my degree, as it has proven to be an amazing allrounder resource that I have used for all my modules so far in third year!’
Amazon reviewer

A fabulous resource!
‘100% recommend this to any student nurse wanting to expand their library. It has every topic you could need for your nursing degree. It has covered every topic throughout my degree and more. It has an excellent reference list too for further depth and exploration. It has web links too which is also really helpful! A brilliant book that I'll continue to recommend to other students.’
Amazon reviewer

Every student nurse should have this on their bookshelf.
‘This is a great book that all student nurses and nurses should have on their bookshelf as it will be relevant to many aspects of the nursing degree and understanding health at a wider level. It's easy to read and relevant. I recently used it for background reading in my final mental health nursing exam but I wish I'd found it sooner.’
Amazon reviewer

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