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How to Thrive as a Mature Student Nurse

Packed full of useful advice, this book will prepare you for life as a mature student nurse and support you all the way through to graduation.

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This pocket guide is designed to demystify the subject of Consent for all those working in health and social care.

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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities is an accessible introductory textbook that will help to improve the quality of care provided to people with learning disabilities. It is aimed primarily at non-specialist nursing and healthcare students.

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Physician Associate Placements

Placements can be daunting to the unprepared. This pocket guide is designed to make Physician Associate placements more enjoyable and less stressful and to help students get the most out of their practice learning experience.

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Mental Health

An accessible introductory textbook aimed primarily at nursing and health care students who are not in the mental health field of practice but are seeking to understand mental health and become rounded practitioners.

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Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology is the ideal introduction for student nurses, midwives, operating department practitioners, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, trainee nursing associates, and other allied health professionals.

The clear, reader-friendly presentation will aid understanding of this challenging subject.

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Promoting Health and Wellbeing

An introductory textbook for nursing and healthcare students seeking to understand how to promote health and prevent ill health.

Essentials books feature clear explanations, scenarios, activities and case studies to help students get to grips with the subject quickly and easily.

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Clinical Skills

Using a scenario-based approach, this book relates the essential clinical skills student nurses need to know to ‘real’ people and situations.

The book is a friendly, interactive and visual approach to skills acquisition.

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