Inspection copies

We are happy to send inspection copies of our textbooks to academic staff teaching relevant courses at recognised institutions.

Once you have evaluated the book we’ll expect you to email your comments and feedback on the book. We will chase you for these comments as they are very useful to us, so please only request a book if you are willing to let us know what you think of it.

Electronic Inspection Copies:
To save the environment, time and expense (helps us to keep our prices down for your students), we prefer to supply electronic inspection copies where possible in the first instance.

Paper Inspection Copies:
Electronic inspection copies are often useful for you to check whether the book is right for your course. If it is, and you want to do a more in-depth evaluation of the book before making your final decision, then we we will be happy to supply you with a free paper copy.

If you would like to see an inspection copy of any of our textbooks, then please send email Simon Watkins with the following information: your full contact details, including a valid postal address; course name and number; enrolment; course start date; current recommended books.