Physiotherapy Placements

A Pocket Guide

Fiona Moffatt, Ben Bradley, Laura Loeber

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: October 24, 2019

Pages: 96 pages

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This guide is designed to help physiotherapy students prepare for their placements.

Physiotherapy placements can be daunting – you’ll be working in a variety of settings and supporting individuals with a range of conditions. There are new colleagues to work with, and newly learnt theory to put into practice. This pocket guide is designed to make your placements much more enjoyable and less stressful.

From absence policy to SOAP notes, via moving and handling, it’s full of practical detail, hints and tips.

  • Written by a team of experienced physiotherapy lecturers and with critical input from their students – this guidance is really produced with you in mind.
  • Pocket-sized format – carry it with you at all times.
  • Space to make your own notes – be it uniform policy, new terminology, or just the names of your new colleagues!

Reduce your stress and make the most of your placements by having this book to hand from the start.

Pocket Guides is a series of handy, pocket-sized books designed to help students make the most of their practice learning experiences. Click here to see all available titles.

Before you go
1. Preparing for placement
2. Uniform
3. Absence
4. Professional codes of practice
     4.1 HCPC Code of Conduct and Ethics for Students
     4.2 CSP Code of Professional Values and Behaviours
5. Person-centred care
6. Raising concerns
7. Consent and confidentiality
8. Guidance on social media

Settling in
9. Induction
10. Expectations – working with your educator
11. Communicating with patients and carers
12. Communicating with members of the multidisciplinary team

Being there
13. Hygiene and infection control
14. Moving and handling
     14.1 Assessing risk with TILE
15. Documentation – SOAP notes
16. Working with patients
     16.1 Ward-based placements
     16.2 Musculoskeletal outpatients
     16.3 Community placement
     16.4 Red Flags – indicators for serious pathology
     16.5 Clinical reasoning
17. Common medical emergencies
     17.1 Basic Life Support (BLS)
     17.2 ABCDE assessment
     17.3 Falls
     17.4 Sepsis
18. Common groups of medications
     18.1 Pain medications
19. Pain assessment

Moving on
20. Critical reflection and continuing professional development (CPD)
21. FAQs

Great detail
So much smaller than expected and yet still exceeded my expectations, great little book for students preparing for their first placement.
Amazon reviewer

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