For nursing, health and social care students

Louise Jones, Clare L. Bennett

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: October 9, 2018

Pages: 162 pages

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Leadership is an accessible introductory textbook for nursing, health and social care students seeking to develop their leadership skills.

Offering practical advice underpinned by theoretical perspectives, the book will help you to understand the principles of effective leadership and apply them to your own practice. You will learn:

  • What leadership is and what skills and qualities you need to become an effective leader.
  • About leadership within the cultural context of your work environment.
  • How to use leadership skills to influence outcomes in the workplace.
  • The importance of the leader as a catalyst for change.
  • How leaders influence policy development.
  • How to identify your own strengths and weaknesses and create an action plan to develop your emerging leadership skills.

This book will kick-start your leadership journey in health and social care and help you to exhibit and unleash your leadership potential.

This title is an updated and revised version of Leadership in Health and Social Care: an introduction for emerging leaders, published in 2012.

Essentials is a series of accessible, introductory textbooks for students in nursing, health and social care. New and forthcoming titles in the series:

  • The Care Process
  • Communication Skills
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing
  • Research and Evidence-based Practice
  • Study Skills

Foreword; About the authors; Preface

1. What do we mean by leadership?
     1.1 What does the term 'leadership' mean to you?
     1.2 So what is leadership?
     1.3 Why is leadership so important in health and social care today?
     1.4 Informal and formal leadership
     1.5 Leadership or management?
     1.6 What makes a good leader?

2. Theories of leadership
     2.1 Introduction
     2.2 Are you a leader or a manager?
     2.3 The history of leadership
     2.4 Defining 'theory'
     2.5 The trait theories
     2.6 The behavioural theories
     2.7 New paradigm leadership theories
     2.8 Identifying your leadership style

3. The skills and qualities of effective leaders
     3.1 Introduction
     3.2 Are leaders born or made?
     3.3 What are the key skills and qualities of a leader?
     3.4 Communicating effectively
     3.5 Assertiveness
     3.6 Emotional intelligence as a leadership tool

4. Leadership, values and culture
     4.1 Introduction
     4.2 What do we mean by culture?
     4.3 Ethics
     4.4 Cultural identity beyond the organisation
     4.5 Working beyond the national culture?
     4.6 Cultural gap
     4.7 So why is understanding of culture important in leadership?

5. Leadership, power and influence
     5.1 Introduction
     5.2 So what is power?
     5.3 Sources and bases of power
     5.4 Powerlessness
     5.5 Abuse of power
     5.6 Transfer of power
     5.7 The paradox of power
     5.8 So why is understanding the nature of power important to you?
     5.9 Identifying sources of influence
     5.10 Symbols and words
     5.11 Politics and power

6. Leadership and improvement
     6.1 Introduction
     6.2 The meaning of change for the individual
     6.3 Drivers for change
     6.4 Decision-making
     6.5 The leader as a catalyst for change
     6.6 Quality improvement
     6.7 Change management models
     6.8 Motivational theory
     6.9 Negotiating skills
     6.10 Conflict management

7. Leadership and health and social care policy
     7.1 Introduction
     7.2 The NHS and care services - how we got to where we are
     7.3 A brief history of healthcare in the UK
     7.4 A brief history of social care services in the UK
     7.5 Policy and strategy drivers
     7.6 Why is knowledge of government policy important?
     7.7 So how can you influence policy?
     7.8 The rise in status of the service user and carer as leaders
     7.9 Leadership in health and social care services
     7.10 Health and social care services and you

8. Leadership development - so where do you go from here?
     8.1 Introduction
     8.2 Where are you now?
     8.3 Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
     8.4 Where do you want to be?
     8.5 Clinical supervision
     8.6 Action learning sets
     8.7 Coaching
     8.8 360 degree feedback
     8.9 Learning from doing
     8.10 Developing an action plan

References; Index

‘Having taught leadership in health and social care for several years in higher education, I found this book to be an excellent read. The information is relevant to those working in health and social care, as are the activities, which are identified throughout.
The fundamental principles and concepts of leadership are explored in an easy writing style suitable for most readers, cleverly interweaved with pertinent diagrams and easily replicated mind maps, giving the whole experience a practical stance supported by a relevant evidence base.
In conclusion, the social and political stance of this text is sensitively weaved throughout, encouraging the wider thought processes of the reader. Images and illustrations provide a welcome and useful change to the traditional academic text, and I would recommend the book as an important reference resource for those starting on their leadership journey, or for those wanting to update. A well-informed, easy read that I will be recommending to our students to support their studies.’
British Journal of Biomedical Science

‘I believe this book will help me to develop my leadership skills and give me a background knowledge on how leadership can be influenced by other factors and the skills needed to be an effective leader within my own career, which I feel every student reading this book would benefit from.
The book is written in an easy-to-read way, whilst containing a good amount of knowledge and information for students in any year of a degree course.’
Student nurse blog, studentnurseandbeyond.co.uk

Inspiring, interactive and easy to digest.
‘I actually love this book. I received it as a review copy as a student nurse and it has helped me to understand leadership theories in preparation for my dissertation. It breaks everything down and has examples and activities throughout. I never thought I'd be interested in leadership as quite an introverted person but it's given me a whole new perspective and I feel like I can develop my own leadership skills now thanks to this book.’
Amazon reviewer

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