How to Thrive as a Mature Student Nurse

Lenka Huntley

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Publication date: May 30, 2023

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Starting a nursing course as a mature student can be a daunting prospect. How to Thrive as a Mature Student Nurse will you help you to deal with the challenges you may face during your course.
Packed full of advice, the book will guide you through your student nurse journey from the very first week all the way to your celebration when you become a registered nurse.

  • Personal accounts show how the author coped with challenges herself.
  • ‘Dos and Don’ts’ will help you to balance competing demands on your time.
  • ‘Top tips’ summarise the advice given in each chapter, including tips for students who have children.
  • Each chapter ends with a set of ‘Common worries answered’ that focus on worries and doubts that mature students often experience.

This book will prepare you for life as a mature student nurse and support you all the way through to graduation.

Lenka Huntley was a frequent contributor to Nursing Standard Student during her course, and this book is the book she wished she had had to help cope with the challenges and thrive as a mature student nurse. She qualified as a registered nurse in 2022.

1 First week nerves
2 Getting started
3 What to expect in each academic year
4 Assignment time
5 Exam time
6 Placements
7 To work or not to work
8 Surviving financially

9 Work–life balance
10 Planning for your first job
11 Becoming a registered nurse and everything in between

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