How to Prepare for Interviews and Develop your Career

As a nurse or midwife

Carol Forde-Johnston

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: April 1, 2020

Pages: 226 pages

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How to Prepare for Interviews and Develop Your Career is packed with practical advice and guidance to help nurses and midwives fulfil their career aspirations.

The book is ideal for newly and recently qualified nurses and midwives and will also be suitable for students making the transition to NQN. Guidance, key tips and case examples are organised in seven steps that help provide the key to positive career development:

  • Identify your career options
  • Drive your own career development
  • Support others and influence change
  • Complete a strong application and personal statement
  • Prepare for interviews by creating an interview plan
  • Deal positively with challenges
  • Make your achievements stand out

Carol Forde-Johnston is Recruitment and Retention Lead in a large NHS Trust and has more than 30 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse and University Lecturer Practitioner. She has drawn on all that experience to write an accessible and practical book that address the questions and concerns frequently raised by students and healthcare professionals – and to help you develop your career as a nurse or midwife.

About the author; Preface; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations

Step 1: Know your career options and what you need to get there
     1.1 The importance of choosing the right job and career pathway
     1.2 How to choose the right career pathway
     1.3 The differences between bands and roles
     What to do next

Step 2: Drive your own development
     2.1 The importance of lifelong learning to your career development
     2.2 Understand how to navigate educational structures
     2.3 Training, education and professional development
     2.4 Professional development reviews (PDRs)
     2.5 Appraisals
     2.6 The importance of NMC registration and revalidation
     What to do next

Step 3: Support others and influence change in your current role
     3.1 Widen your perspective and support others in your current role
     3.2 We all have the power to positively influence change in our current role
     3.3 Understand the local and national systems in which you work
     3.4 Overview of key terms
     What to do next

Step 4: Complete a strong application and personal statement
     4.1 The importance of a strong application and personal statement
     4.2 Your application form
     4.3 How to write your personal statement
     4.4 Curriculum Vitae (CV) template
     4.5 Personal professional portfolio
     What to do next

Step 5: Create an interview plan
     5.1 The more you prepare, the better chance you have of succeeding
     5.2 Different types of interviews
     5.3 Create an interview plan
     5.4 On the day of the interview
     5.5 After the interview
     What to do next

Step 6: Move forward positively from challenges
     6.1 Learning from your experiences
     6.2 Practical advice to help you move forward from challenges
     What to do next

Step 7: Make your achievements stand out in the future
     7.1 Share what you do and promote your achievements
     7.2 Develop a clinical academic career
     7.3 Publish your work
     What to do next


Highly recommend this book!
'The book is packed with tips and it is obvious the author knows what she is talking about as she shares lots of advice to help the reader prepare future interview questions and personal statements. The two personal statement templates were very helpful for me and can be tweaked to support applications. The best bit for me is that the book inspires and makes me feel I can go on and influence future practice and do the best I can at interview.'
Amazon reviewer

Excellent text for the student nurse in the transition period to becoming a newly registered nurse
'An excellent, succinct, easy to read and digest text for the students in Year 3 of the BSC Hons Nursing programme transitioning to becoming a newly qualified/registered nurse in the UK.'
Amazon reviewer

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