Clinical Placements

A Pocket Guide

Kirstie Paterson, Jessica Wallar, Kath MacDonald

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: September 4, 2017

Pages: 92 pages

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A handy, pocket-sized guide designed to help student nurses prepare for their clinical placements.

Clinical placements are an essential part of nurse training, but they can be extremely daunting, especially for new nursing students.

This unique pocket guide provides a wealth of practical detail, tips and advice to help the student nurse get to grips with and make the most of their practice learning experiences. The information is presented in digestible chunks (lists, tables, bullets, even cartoons) so you can find the essential information quickly without wading through pages of text, and there is space to add notes specific to the particular placement.

The pocket-sized format means the book is extremely portable (it really will fit in a pocket!) and the ring binding allows it to be opened flat – useful when adding your own notes, for example.

Written by recent nursing graduates based on their own experiences, reviewed by students and checked by a clinical supervisor – this guidance has been produced specifically with student nurses in mind.

What lecturers are saying about Clinical Placements:

“A practical book that provides students with a range of essential  information, tips and advice about what to expect on clinical placement which should help them to make the most out of their placement. Information is easy to access  making it easy for students to quickly navigate information. The small spiral bound format makes it accessible and ideal for students to keep in their uniform pocket.”

“This book is just what is needed, relevant information that will help students make the most out of their placement and reduce the anxiety!”

“I have had a look through the Pocket Guide Clinical Placements book and think that it’s an excellent little book that will support students in preparing for their first placement and future placements until they gain confidence. There is just the right mix of appropriate illustrations and text and I particularly like the areas for notes that can be added if needed.”

“I found this an excellent little resource for students as well as a reminder for staff.”

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Getting there
1. Preparing for placement
2. Uniform
3. Absence policy
4. The NMC Code of Conduct
5. Person-centred care
6. Consent and confidentiality
7. Guidance on using social media

Settling there
8. Induction/first day
9. Working with those supervising and assessing your practice
10. Common documentation
11. Communicating with your colleagues
12. Communicating with patients

Being there
13. Personal safety
     13.1 Hand hygiene
     13.2 Infection control and sharps policy
     13.3 Moving and handling
14. Fundamental skills
     14.1 Assessment using activities of living
     14.2 Drug administration
     14.3 Drug calculations
     14.4 Observations – National Early Warning Score (NEWS)
     14.5 Skin assessment
     14.6 Urinalysis
15. Basic Life Support (BLS)
16. Common medical emergencies
     16.1 Anaphylactic reaction
     16.2 Falls
     16.3 Sepsis
     16.4 Stroke
17. Common groups of medications
18. Pain assessment – pain tools

Moving on from there
19. Reflection and action planning
20. FAQ
21. Common terminology
22. Quick references
23. Further reading

A must-have for student nurses!
‘This is such a useful guide that has just the right amount of need to know info for student nurses on clinical placement, as well as loads of little tips scattered throughout. A must-have for student nurses on placements!’
Amazon reviewer

‘I would recommend this book to anyone starting university as a student nurse soon, I haven’t seen a book of this size with this much information in before, it is small enough to be kept in your pocket or your bag during placement shifts to be used as a guide should you need it. It is also a great read before starting placement which would help to alleviate any of those nerves around starting a placement. The book is designed to make placements more enjoyable and less stressful – I would say it definitely does this! It would be perfect for first placements but would also be handy for students further into their training to keep as a reminder guide.’
Student nurse blog,

A very useful, well-written and practical pocket book for any level.
‘A very useful, well-written and practical pocket book for any level of student nurse preparing for clinical placement. This book is also a great resource for lecturers and mentors to have to help students get the most out of their placement time.’
Amazon reviewer

Good starter book for adult nurse students prior to placements.
‘As a nurse lecturer I have read this book and would recommend it to students at the beginning of their course as a useful guide to ease any worries about clinical placements. It has lots of useful information in and is a good size and easy to read. It would be a useful gift from family / friends for anyone about to start studying as an adult student nurse.
It is easy to read, has a good style and presentation with charts and cartoons in to help understanding.’
Amazon reviewer

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