Natius Oelofsen

Natius Oelofsen is a consultant clinical psychologist trained in South Africa and the UK. He has worked in the UK’s NHS for 18 years in a variety of settings, including children’s services, adult mental health and learning disabilities. Currently, he is in full time private practice, specialising in mental health and neurodiversity across the life span. He runs the Psychology Consultancy ( which is a specialist provider of psychological help, consultancy and training to individuals, teams, and organisations in the public and private sectors.

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Finding My Professional Heart

Finding My Professional Heart is a short guide to compassion and mindfulness for health and social care students and practitioners. It draws on both neuroscientific research and the contemplative traditions to provide a roadmap for developing compassionate practice.

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Developing Reflective Practice

An essential toolkit that helps students, qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals to become confident reflective practitioners.

Developing Reflective Practice offers a simple three-stage reflective cycle that will enable students and practitioners to incorporate reflective practice into their workplace.

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