Debbie Roberts

Professor Debbie Roberts is Director of the School of Nursing and Allied Health at Liverpool John Moores University. She has deep expertise in nursing, with over 30 years of experience as a qualified nurse, and 20 years as a nurse academic for universities in Wales and England. Debbie’s areas of teaching and research expertise includes practice and immersive learning, as well as clinical simulation. She has a particular interest in linking research, teaching and innovation; ensuring that evidence-based teaching is used within nurse education and relevant research is embedded into the curriculum. Widely published in the field of nurse education, Professor Roberts has edited a text book (currently being revised as second edition), and contributed to two others, used as a core texts in nurse education programmes in several countries. She also has published 30 peer-reviewed articles for international journals with her work often cited by others, indicating the impact of her ideas on teaching and learning internationally. Professor Roberts has established a wide range of national and international links through her work as an external examiner and on the editorial board of Nurse Education in Practice, and as Scientific Co-Chair of the 2016 NETNEP Global Nurse Education Conference. In 2019, she was nominated as one of the top 100 women in Wales in the inaugural Welsh Women’s Awards, which celebrate those women who continue to thrive and excel at the forefront of their professions and make meaningful contributions to the country.

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Supervising and Assessing Student Nurses and Midwives in Clinical Practice

A practical guide for healthcare practitioners who are responsible for the supervision and assessment of students, supporting them to achieve the NMC’s standards of proficiency in their field.

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