Anatomy & Physiology

An introduction for nursing and healthcare

By Pamela Minett and Laura Ginesi

Sep 2020 , 416 pp
ISBN 9781908625731
Price: £27.99, $40.00
Sep 2020 , 416 pp
ISBN 9781908625748
Price: £23.79, $32.00
An accessible text which covers the essentials of anatomy and physiology required by a range of health professions.

Anatomy & Physiology is the ideal introduction to the subject for student nurses, midwives, operating department practitioners, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, trainee nursing associates, and other allied health professionals.

Written in an engaging and accessible style, the book helps readers to:
  • learn the language of anatomy and physiology by explaining new terms clearly in the text and in a comprehensive glossary
  • understand the key anatomical structures and physiological functions
  • appreciate what happens during disease, with boxes throughout to highlight the clinical relevance, and more detailed explanations of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cancer
  • apply this knowledge in healthcare contexts
Bonus online material
The following material to accompany the book is provided free of charge online:
  • four additional chapters to help readers extend their knowledge
  • a variety of self-assessment questions for every chapter
Simply click on the 'resources' tab above to access this material

Inspection Copies
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The clear, reader-friendly presentation will aid understanding of a subject which is often viewed as challenging but is essential throughout a healthcare career.
Preface; Acknowledgements; About the authors; Acronyms and abbreviations; How to use this book
1 Introduction
2 Histology
3 The skin
4 The musculoskeletal system
5 The cardiovascular system
6 The respiratory system
7 The digestive system
8 The urinary system
9 The nervous system
10 The sensory system
11 The endocrine system
12 The reproductive systems
13 The human genome
14 Immunity
15 Disease
16 Multisystem disorders
Glossary; Figure acknowledgements; Index

Supplementary chapters available online at www.lanternpublishing.com/AandP:
17 Physiological measurements
18 Principles of drug action
19 Nutrition
20 Biochemistry

"I think it'd be a brilliant book for anyone beginning nursing or any allied health profession course come to that. A great introduction to absolutely everything!" Senior lecturer, Birmingham City University

"I have to say everything about the book is excellent, from the layout, the clear concise text, the brilliant illustrations and the ease of using the website.
Health professionals should find this book an invaluable resource, I just wish it had been published when I was training." Senior sister, Guys' and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

"It has really enhanced my studying and allowed me to enjoy using this book as a study source. As a student, it can be so daunting to use A&P books to aid studying as I personally spend so much time trying to mentally translate text into an alternative which makes more sense.
I also feel that the balance [between accessibility and authoritativeness] achieved within this book also replicates the balance demonstrated and expected by my university." Student, Robert Gordon University

"I find the illustrations a particularly effective aspect of this text as they succinctly illustrate certain anatomical and physiological aspects which can be difficult to visualise and explain via words.
This text is written in an accessible and succinct way, allowing students to learn the key aspects of anatomy and physiology without getting bogged down in superfluous explanations, bolstered by its fantastic use of graphical aids." Student, Edge Hill University

"Such an excellent book. As a third year even I find it a great understanding level. Love the comments around neonatal/child. I haven’t seen that in another book other than my child a&p books! I find this such a useful resource and easy to follow and a thoroughly enjoyable book!" Student, UCLan

Price: £27.99, $40.00

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Price: £23.79, $32.00

ISBNs: 9781908625731 978-1-908625-73-1 Title: anatomy physiology ISBNs: 9781908625748 978-1-908625-74-8 Title: anatomy physiology