Understanding and Helping People in Crisis

An Introduction for Health and Social Care Students

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: October 14, 2009

Pages: 144 pages

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This book is designed to be a user friendly and accessible guide for all those who support people who are experiencing personal crisis. Aimed at both students and practitioners, the book:

• Introduces the reader to the concept of crisis touching upon global perspectives, local emergencies and personal experiences. Also, as a means of illustrating common experiences, the book presents a new model of crisis.

• Offers a review of personal narratives that reflect a  range of common crises encountered in ordinary lives. The narratives and case studies reviewed identify gender and cultural influences alongside family, home and relationships as well as the impact that outside agencies, economics and occupation have on an individual at a time of crisis.

• Explores crisis theory – psychoanalytical theories, mental health, coping mechanisms and a transactional analysis perspective are explored, as well as cognitive and behavioural understandings of what happens to individuals when a crisis situation occurs.

• Offers an overview of crisis interventions. This discussion is enhanced through the detail of practical skills that have proved to be helpful in supporting people in crisis.

• Reviews the potential outcomes for crisis. Positive and negative crisis resolutions, potential for recovery and change are explored and personal narratives are revisited. The final section includes detail regarding the more serious outcomes of crisis including posttraumatic stress disorder, mental illness, and the potential for suicide.

With activities and reflection points, this interactive book is a must-buy resource for students and all those who encounter patients and clients in crisis in health and social care work.

1: What is a crisis? An introduction to crisis

2: People in crisis telling their stories. Exploring personal narratives

3: Towards an understanding of models and theories guiding crisis intervention

4: What can I do that helps? Developing supportive interventions

5: Crisis - crash or change?


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