Pocket Guide for Radiotherapy in Clinical Practice

A handbook for first-year students during clinical placement

Lucy Austin

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: October 23, 2014

Pages: 80 pages

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All radiotherapy students have to undertake clinical placements. These are daunting and challenging experiences: students have to deal with qualified staff, patients, and practices and equipment that will differ from what they have been taught in the classroom. This book gives students essential practical advice to help them in these placements. It is intended as a companion that students can carry and refer to; the format is small enough to fit into the pocket of a uniform, and there is a section for students to make their own notes.

Written by a student who was the Society of Radiographers Student of the Year in 2013, this book is crammed with practical detail to help all students get to grips with their clinical placements.

1. The correct uniform
2. The radiotherapy treatment room
3. Immobilisation devices
4. Hospital bins
5. Top tips
6. Sharps bin
7. How to make a permanent skin mark (tattoo)
8. Effective communication
9. First day chat
10. Couch moves
11. Isocentre calculations
12. Laser positioning
13. Before setting up the patient
14. How to align the tattoos
15. Naming different beam angles
16. How can cancer spread?
17. Typical radiotherapy techniques
18. Tolerance doses
19. What is...
     19.1 Brachytherapy?
     19.2 Electron treatment?
     19.3 Orthovoltage and superficial X-ray therapy?
     19.4 IGRT?
     19.5 IMRT?
     19.6 Hormone therapy?
     19.7 Chemotherapy?
20. Chemotherapy side-effects
21. Radiotherapy side-effects
22. Blood values
23. Patient advice
24. Basic anatomy
25. Vertebral levels
26. Manual handling
27. Infection control
28. Basic life support
29. The recovery position
30. Medical terminology

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