Fundamentals of Nursing Care

A Textbook for Students of Nursing and Healthcare

Sally Hayes, Anne Llewellyn

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: September 14, 2008

Pages: 160 pages

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Although care and the process of caring has been a fundamental part of nursing theories and paradigms for many years, there are an increasing number of anecdotal and media stories as well as academic debates that question the extent to which caring is satisfactorily carried out. Fundamentals of Nursing Care is a foundation level pre-registration text that aims to actively address this issue as it focuses on the fundamental principles of caring. The book covers topics such as:
• interpersonal issues, self and the therapeutic relationship;
• lay–professional conflicts;
• user articulation and the caring process;
• dignity and care;
• cultural competence and the process of care.

The book is set out as a workbook, using narratives that are related to the NMC Essential Skills Clusters. Case studies are used to illustrate key points, and the book has been carefully designed to allow for critical incident analysis, enquiry-based and problem-based learning and reflection. Questions and activities encourage students to deconstruct practice and examine how to further develop competencies. There are also suggestions for additional reading throughout the book in order to support independent learning and enquiry. The book can therefore be used as an independent study tool or as a core text within a particular module.

Fundamentals of Nursing Care is aimed primarily at nurses on the Common Foundation Programme, although it may also be suitable for other health and social care professionals on Foundation Degree programmes. The book’s jargon-free and easy-to-follow approach means that it is relevant for a wide audience of pre-registration practitioners working in a range of institutional and non-institutional settings (hospitals, hospices, nursing and residential homes, and in
community settings).


Chapter 1 – Rationale. Introduction to themes and definitions

Chapter 2 – Definitions – What is care?

Chapter 3 – Interpersonal issues, self and the therapeutic relationship

Chapter 4 – Lay-professional conflicts

Chapter 5 – User articulation and the caring process

Chapter 6 – Dignity and care

Chapter 7 – Cultural competence and the process of care

Chapter 8 – The value of caring in 21st Century health and nursing practice



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