Maxine Womack

Maxine Womack is a Deputy Ward Manager in Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust. She started working in mental health in 2007. When she first started working in mental health Maxine was a domestic assistant in the private sector. She soon realised that working in mental health was what she wanted to do and so she then transferred her job role to a Support Worker. Maxine then commenced her Nurse Training in 2015. And qualified as a nurse in 2018. She currently works as a Deputy Ward Manager on a Male Rehabilitation Unit.

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Mental Health Placements

A handy pocket guide to help mental health nursing students prepare for their practice placements.

Placements can be daunting to the unprepared. This pocket guide is designed to make mental health placements more enjoyable and less stressful and to help student nurses get the most out of their practice learning experience.

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