Luke Woodhouse

Luke is a Registered Mental Health Nurse working for Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT). He has worked in various areas of mental health when training at the University of Salford then working for Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust – including acute mental health, drug detox inpatient and PICU. Recently, he has worked within the Primary Care partnership Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service, working closely with GPs and IAPT practitioners in delivering care to patients with complex needs. He now works as a Physical Health and Infection Prevention Nurse – supporting nurses around improving physical health knowledge, physical health training and intervention for mental health patients at LYPFT. He was proud to work at the COVID-19 vaccination hubs in Leeds to deliver the roll out of the vaccine and hopes his current work helps improve the outcomes for mental health patients with associated physical health issues.

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Mental Health Placements

A handy pocket guide to help mental health nursing students prepare for their practice placements.

Placements can be daunting to the unprepared. This pocket guide is designed to make mental health placements more enjoyable and less stressful and to help student nurses get the most out of their practice learning experience.

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