Angelina Chadwick

Angelina is Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing a the University of Salford. She began her career as a general nurse in 1986, working in surgery. She later retrained as a mental health nurse and progressed into a variety of mental health nursing clinical and management roles within acute inpatient, older people and community practitioner areas. She moved into education as a training manager in an NHS Mental Health Trust, and then into higher education as a nurse lecturer in 2010. She is currently a module leader in the pre-registration degree nursing programme and teaches on both pre-registration and post graduate programmes. Her keen interest is around physical health in mental health. Angelina has published in a variety of nursing journals and textbooks.

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Mental Health

An accessible introductory textbook aimed primarily at nursing and health care students who are not in the mental health field of practice but are seeking to understand mental health and become rounded practitioners.

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Mental Health Placements

A handy pocket guide to help mental health nursing students prepare for their practice placements.

Placements can be daunting to the unprepared. This pocket guide is designed to make mental health placements more enjoyable and less stressful and to help student nurses get the most out of their practice learning experience.

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