Key Topics in Social Sciences

An A-Z guide for student nurses

By Mark Walsh

Apr 2018 , 206 pp
ISBN 9781908625496
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Key Topics in Social Sciences is a collection of short articles summarising the most important concepts in sociology and psychology that student nurses will need to understand. Each entry is intended to give a brief introduction to the topic as a prompt for writing essays and assignments.

·         Arranged in alphabetical order so you can find entries quickly and easily

·         Short entries take you straight to the heart of each topic

·         A great starting point for essays and assignments

·         Ideal for revision before assessments and exams

·         Cross-references and further reading suggestions provided so you can study in more depth as needed.

Age and Ageing;  Agency;  Alienation;  Altruism;  Anti-psychiatry;  Anxiety;  Attachment;  Attitudes;  Attribution theory;  Authority;  Autonomy;  Behaviour;  Behaviour modification;  Behaviourism;  Biomedical model;  (The) Body;  Capitalism;  Causality;  Challenging behaviour;  Child abuse;  Child development;  Child poverty;  Citizenship;  Classical conditioning;  Clinical iceberg;  Cognitive perspective;  Cognitive behavioural therapy;  Cognitive development;  Cognitive dissonance;  Community;  Conformity;  Consumerism / consumption;  Culture;  Data;  Defence mechanisms;  Demography;  Depression;  Developmental norms;  Disabilities;  Discourse;  Discrimination;  Diversity;  Division of labour;  Early experiences;  Eating disorders;  Emotion;  Emotional intelligence;  Emotional labour;  Empathy;  Epidemiology;  Equalities;  Ethics;  Ethnicity;  Evaluation;  Families;  Family therapy;  Feminism;  Freud;  Functionalism;  Gender;  Genetics;  Globalisation;  Group(s) / group dynamics;  Group therapy;  Health;  Humanistic perspective;  Human Rights;  Hypothesis;  Ideal type;  Identity;  Identity politics;  Ideology;  Industrialisation;  Inequalities;  Interactionism;  Intersectionality;  Labelling theory;  Learning difficulties (and learning disabilities);  Life chances;  Loss;  Market;  Marxism;  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs;  Medicalisation;  Memory;  Mental illness;  Migration;  Modernity;  Moral panic;  Morbidity and mortality;  Motivation;  Narrative(s);  Need;  Neuroscience;  Obedience;  Operant conditioning;  Paradigm;  Patriarchy;  Perception;  Personality;  Person-centred counselling;  Personalisation;  Phobias;  Piaget, Jean;  Postmodernism;  Positive psychology;  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);  Poverty;  Power;  Prejudice;  Profession;  Psychiatry;  Psychoanalysis;  Psychodynamic perspective;  Psychological interventions;  Psychological perspective;  Public sphere;  Realism;  Reflexivity;  Reinforcement;  Research methods;  Resilience;  Risk assessment;  Rogers, Carl;  Role / role theory;  Role models;  Science;  Self;  Self-actualisation;  Self-concept and self-esteem;  Self-harm;  Separation (and loss);  Sexuality;  Sick role;  Social action and social structure;  Social class;  Social constructionism;  Social institution;  Social learning theory;  Social mobility;  Social model of health;  Social policy;  Social support;  Socialisation;  Socialism;  Society;  Sociological perspective;  Sociology;  Status;  Stereotyping;  Stigma;  Stress (and coping);  Unconscious mind;  Underclass;  Urbanisation;  Values;  Violence (and aggression); Welfare;  Welfare state 
Price: £14.99, $26.99

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