Study Skills for Master's Level Students, second edition

A Reflective Approach for Health and Social Care

By Debbie Casey, Liz Clark and Sally Hayes

Jun 2017 , 164 pp
ISBN 9781908625410
Price: £19.99, $30.99
Jun 2017 , 164 pp
ISBN 9781908625427
Price: £16.79, $21.63
The second edition of this very popular book will help students to develop the skills they need to make the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate thinking, researching and writing. It has been comprehensively updated to include the latest research publications and policy documents. The authors consider the characteristics, expectations and requirements of Master’s level study and examine key topics such as:

* Critical thinking
* Developing independent study skills
* Finding and using literature
* Applying postgraduate skills in the workplace
* Writing at Master’s level
* How to get published.

The book is free of jargon and easy to use, with clearly defined learning goals. Questions and reflective activities support independent learning and enquiry, and suggestions for further reading are included at the end of each chapter.

Study Skills for Master’s Level Students is ideal for independent study or for use by lecturers in workshop settings.

From reviews of the first edition: 
"A very comprehensive and accessible guide which is contemporary and related to application within the workplace."
"Easy to read and well presented."
"Very useful; activities excellent."
"I thought the complete book is a must for all postgraduate students."
"This book is excellent and I wish I had had a chance to read [it] pre my MSc course." 

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1 What is Masterly?
2 What is Critical Thinking?
3 Becoming an Independent Learner
4 Finding and Critiquing Literature
5 Writing at Master’s Level
6 How to get Published
7 Applying Postgraduate Knowledge and Skills in the Workplace
Price: £19.99, $30.99

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Price: £16.79, $21.63

ISBNs: 9781908625410 978-1-908625-41-0 Title: study skills for masters level students second edition ISBNs: 9781908625427 978-1-908625-42-7 Title: study skills for masters level students second edition