Being a Nurse

A personal guide from graduation to revalidation

By Lauren Philpott

Jun 2018 , 154 pp
ISBN 9781908625533
Price: £9.99, $18.99
Jun 2018 , 154 pp
ISBN 9781908625540
Price: £8.39, $13.29

Being a Nurse will help both student nurses and newly qualified nurses in their progression from graduation to revalidation.

Packed full of personal accounts, hints and tips, the book provides advice to new starters on dealing with the challenges of being a nurse. It covers important topics such as first-day nerves, the value of teamwork, how to avoid burnout, coping with a bad day and how to know when you’re ready to progress. The author takes a jargon-free, supportive approach that aims to help you develop your confidence as a nurse so that you in turn can offer the best care for your patients.

Lauren Philpott recently qualified as a registered nurse and has drawn on her own experience to write ‘the book I wish I’d had’. In the words of one reviewer, ‘it’s like she’s taking you by the hand and helping you through the transition that she went through herself’.

It takes a special sort of person to be a nurse and, of course, starting a new career can be a daunting prospect for anyone – this book will prepare you for the transition from student to registered nurse and help you make the most of your time as a newly qualified nurse.

Me and my book

Chapter One: First day nerves

Your first days
Am I ready?
Going it alone
A shaky start
On a positive note
Common worries answered

Chapter Two: Teamwork

The importance of teamwork
The nursing team
Finding your role within the team
Lone working
The multidisciplinary team
Team building
Teamwork in an emergency

Chapter Three: Patient relationships

Therapeutic relationship
Building relationships
A positive relationship
Establishing a good relationship
What if I don’t strike a relationship with a patient?
Social media

Chapter Four: Difficult situations

Emotional difficulties
Uncooperative patients
Dealing with challenging people
Disagreements with colleagues
Breaking bad news
The death of a patient
When mistakes are made
How to cope with difficult situations

Chapter Five: Good days and bad days

Good days
What makes our shifts good?
What do you think?
Bad days
Why do bad days happen?
How to help yourself have a good day
Sick patients
How to recover from a bad day

Chapter Six: Progression and confidence

Preceptorship period
Study days
Learning ‘on the job’
As your confidence grows
Caring for sick patients
Becoming a mentor

Chapter Seven: Work/life balance

Work/life balance
What is burnout?
How to avoid burnout
Leaving work at work
Saying no
Take your breaks
Take time to rest
Annual leave
Look after yourself
Supporting your colleagues through burnout

Chapter Eight: Revalidation, and everything in between

Everything in between


Price: £9.99, $18.99

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Price: £8.39, $13.29

ISBNs: 9781908625533 978-1-908625-53-3 Title: being a nurse ISBNs: 9781908625540 978-1-908625-54-0 Title: being a nurse